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  • Graduated in 2009 with my MSW from Florida State University
  • Received LCSW in Florida in 11/2012 and in Tennessee in 05/2013
  • Specializes in trauma, substance abuse, anxiety and depression
  • Highly Energetic
  • Experience working with people involved in criminal justice system
  • HUGE Harry Potter Fan
  • Cartoon Addict (American dad, Family guy, Rick and Morty, The Regular Show)
  • Makeup Enthusiast
  • Music Lover
  • Circus Artist
  • Free Spirited

My name is E. Atiya Hodges and I have been providing therapy services since 2009. I have been in private practice since 2014 and enjoy serving Nashville and the surrounding community.

I graduated highschool at age 16 and was able to obtain my Masters in Social Work from The Florida State University in 2009 at age 22. I was fortunate enough to find a job right out of school with the Healthy Start Program. This program focused on the well being of pregnant women(as well as their infant children) and in addition to case management services, I also provided childbirth education as well as supportive mental health counseling. I continued to work with this program until I departed Tallahassee in the Spring of 2013.

In addition to working full time with the Healthy Start Program, I also worked part time with an agency called Generations as a contract therapist. During this time, I primarily worked with children whom for one reason or another, had human services involved in the home. these children most often suffered from abuse, neglect as well as trauma.

In the Spring of 2013, I relocated to Nashville, Tennessee and was able to obtain employment with Centerstone of Tennessee as a co-occurring disorders therapist meaning I worked with people who had a mental health diagnosis along with a substance use diagnosis. I chose to terminate my employment with this agency as it was not a good fit for me as a person.

I don't watch TV often but I do LOVE cartoons. I also enjoy reading books along a variety of different genres. I love all things music and I consider myself to be a free spirited person; many of my family members refer to me as a "hippie." I am addicted to circus and spend my free time as a performing aerialist. I believe in love and respect above anything else and I strive to treat my clients as human beings with the utmost respect as I walk with them down their new road to self discovery.