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Goal: Use skills obtained as a therapist to help ensure that the behaviors that my clients display consistently line up with the outcomes they are trying to achieve.

Transformative Therapy Services was founded as a result of the desire to create the type of environment where I can provide effective therapy services under my personal terms and beliefs. One of the benefits of being a self employed therapist means that I can explore a variety of different treatment options and collaborate with you in order to pick the best treatment possible.

I Specialize in helping people

  • cope with anxiety
  • recover from trauma
  • overcome addiction to substances
  • deal with depression

You can expect to:

  • be treated with respect no matter what your values and personal beliefs are
  • not be "defined by your diagnosis"
  • have a safe place to work through your thoughts
  • be an active participant in the therapeutic process by:
  • -identifying changes you would like to make in your life
  • -help determine what actions you will take to achieve change
  • work with a qualified, licensed therapist.

I like to compare my role as a therapist to that of a mirror. My goal is to help you see the full picture of your life so that you can choose the best actions to overcome any barriers you are dealing with.

If this sounds like the type of therapy you are looking for, please feel free to contact me so that we may further discuss your needs!!!